Where to find singles in 2021. Dating apps and dating websites

How to find a partner for one night stand or for lifetime.

Hooking up in 2021. Dating apps and websites.
Mobile Applications:
Market of the dating applications segment is huge. But, while browsing the internet and choosing the right app/site - pay attention only to popular ones: they have more users, which means there is more choice. They apply more or less similar principles: the algorithm suggests candidates who fit your needs and are not far geographically. You select the ones you like, but you can start a conversation only in case of mutual sympathy (when another person selects you as well).
You start communicating only with those you like, which eliminates at least the unsympathetic ones.
Candidates are in close proximity to your location, so dating is easy.
Prospective partners of both sexes can be selected.
The phone is always at hand - you can establish your personal relationships at any place and any time.
You choose a book by its cover, but anything can be hidden underneath. You run the risk of choosing and meeting an ugly but interesting person.
If you don't really like people on the streets, don't naively assume that there are only gorgeous ladies and gentlemen in the app. They are still the same people from the streets.
Be prepared to receive in PM photos of other people's genitals and obscene offers.
Men will willingly offer quick sex and behave cheekily in correspondence, but many do it, hoping that the girl agrees to casual sex without long preludes.
Some apps are only suitable for large cities:
1. Tinder - Popular and very simple dating application. The algorithm offers photos of people that fit your needs and are close to you. You swipe them with your finger to the left if the candidacy is so-so, and to the right if you are interested in this person. If the pair matches, you can start texting, and then everything depends only on you.
2. Pure - Sex dating app, and it is designed, obviously, to find partners for bed pleasures. Everything is done on the condition of relative anonymity: you do not have to input your mail, phone number, log in via social networks, etc. Only an avatar and location are required. You have an hour to find someone cute on the map and make an appointment with him/her. After 60 minutes, all correspondence will be automatically destroyed. For men, the application is paid, which allows people to partially cut off people with vague intentions. The main advantage of the application is that everyone knows what you are here for, so you can do without boring correspondence. Sex as the purpose of dating is a perfectly healthy desire. You have the right to just want sex and control your body and your desires. This also applies to the fact that you have every right to refuse sex at any time, even the most intimate.

Dating websites
Most of the dating sites have got mobile versions, and yet for many, they are associated with desktop computers. There are also conceptual differences.
Apps with their system of mutual sympathy are like a beach: you touch the water with your toes and then maybe go deeper. A dating site is like diving from a pier because anyone can write to you. And not always you will like it.
It all starts with a questionnaire: you add a photo, write about your interests, indicate who you are looking for, and go ahead. Users say that on dating websites you have to browse through thousands of inappropriate messages. But at the same time, some manage to find the perfect LTR partner.
Personally, I think dating sites are the safest type of dating. Here you can practice and eventually understand that there is a lot of people and there are those who will answer you "yes". You can also experiment with ways to get to know people and see which one suits you personally.
Large selection of candidates.
You can communicate for a long time before meeting your match in person and get to know each other well.
Geography is not limited: look for a partner from anywhere.
There are search filters by which you can “reject” unsuitable candidates.
Websites are focused on commercial success, so you have to pay for extra features and functions of your profile.
There is a risk of encountering scammers.