Where to find singles in 2021. Social networks and offline dating

How to find a partner for one night stand or for lifetime in 2021 with the help of social networks or offline

Hooking up in 2021. Social networks and offline dating.
Social networks
You can meet on social networks in three ways:
- in dating groups;
- looking through other people's profiles;
- in thematic communities.
The latter option is more suitable for a long-term relationship, since, obviously, you already have common interests.
You can see a person's profile and learn a lot about him/her.
There is a chance you will meet someone who is not actively looking for dating and would be unavailable in apps and on dating sites.
The fact that a person is no longer free is obvious in social networks in most cases, and you will avoid disappointment.
No anonymity for you. Even if you have closed everything that can be closed for other users, this does not guarantee anything.

In real world
Fast dates
Traditional scenario: a woman sits at a table, and every few minutes a new man joins her. During this time, it is necessary to make the right impression so that at the end the organizers would allow the exchange of contacts.
A lot of acquaintances and a minimum of time spent.
A few minutes may not be enough to feel what is the person like.
Quick dates have a bad reputation: they seem to be organized for those who are completely desperate.
Walking with dogs and their owners.
The sociability of dog owners can only be envied. And their memory too, because they know all the furry inhabitants of the area by name. The main condition is to have a pet.
Concerts and fan meetings.
If you love one artist, you already have a lot in common. And if you were brought together by a fandom, then this is completely serious. Together you will be the perfect pair. A positive attitude is important. A smile is regarded as an invitation to communicate, and approval.
Remember, trying is not torture, and refusing is not a disaster. The first time is always scary to even smile. But the more often the experience is repeated, the more familiar it becomes.
Such acquaintances are the most natural, just like in the good old days.
You have a lot of common interests because usually people, who meet at such parties, do have more than one common hobby.
To get acquainted with people of your interests, you need to have them and be truly passionate.
The larger the company, the higher the chances of getting to know more different people. In addition to your own office, there are employees of partner organizations, contractors, clients, etc. Office romances are not uncommon, but companies usually are against personal relationships at the workplace. Love interferes with work professionalism and career here. And not everyone is ready to risk their careers for an affair. By the way, according to statistics, every third person had an office romance. And only 13% got married out of the office romances.
You know what the person is doing and have a rough idea of his or her income. Of course, the main thing is that a person is good, but financial independence is an important factor also.
You meet and talk to this person each day and spend much time together at work.
Company policy may discourage flirting at work.
Some are not ready to work with a partner because they need a break from each other.
Don't mess with coworkers who are already in a relationship. Chances are, the situation will quickly become ugly, and it could cost you your job and your reputation.
Real dating is good because it can happen at any moment, including inappropriate. You can meet in line at the dentist on duty or at the airline counter after you have lost your luggage.
You will have a great story to tell your friends and grandchildren.
It is highly likely that such a spontaneous acquaintance simply will not happen. Many people often complain that there is nowhere to meet. Also, many people are simply scared to get acquainted. Some people might pretend maniacs, perverts, greedy women, lustful men everywhere. "What if they break my heart again!" The list of fears is endless. People want to know what will happen. And since it is impossible to know in advance, do what is necessary, and come what may! Rational fears save you from rash actions. We need them. But these isolate us from the world, this is our cell of non-freedom. And it's up to you to choose: to be afraid or to move on?

Study on internet dating sociology tendencies.
On internet dating, 78 percent of women are fighting for 20 percent of men
Whereas men are willing to date different women, and women tend to be more meticulous in their choices.
A very interesting sociological analysis of the relationship between the sexes was published by the American edition of Quillette. If 10-15 years ago online dating was considered a marginal phenomenon, in demand by those who cannot "find a match for themselves in real life," now dating on Tinder looks like a reasonable way to go outside the usual social circle and not mix friendly and professional meetings with romantic ones. ... This cultural shift leads to completely non-obvious consequences that may even seem shocking to some.

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